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What the Boston Globe Missed on Food Trucks
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HubFoodTrucksWhile it’s good to see some coverage from the Globe on the Boston food truck lottery, they certainly missed a lot of the story. I had previously written on the chaos surrounding the lottery process itself, which was only completely settled moments before the actual lottery. The Globe stated that new trucks protested the ability for veteran trucks to hold on to up to 2 spots they help previously. What I find ironic about that is there were only 4 new trucks that participated in the lottery. So it is hard to understand where exactly the issue originated, but certainly the last minute aspect to the proceedings again speaks poorly to the understanding commitment the Mayor’s Office of Food Initiatives has for the food truck program.

That only 4 new trucks participated in the lottery is, by itself, a cause for concern. In the 2015 lottery, 18 new trucks participated and 16 of those actually were out on the streets in 2015. This is a precipitous decline that speaks to the lack of opportunity in Boston. Of the 4, 2 (Spiceventure and Mo’Rockin) have been out elsewhere, just not in Boston. Boston Dumpling and Indulge India seem to be totally new. When you subtract trucks that were out at some point in 2015 and are no longer, there is a net loss of participating trucks in Boston for the first time. How big a net loss, I’ll know once the new April schedule is published. I hope to have that, this week.

I’ve also not seen a Boston Inspectional Services Dept notice for Spiceventure or Boston Dumpling yet, so stay tuned. The Greenway has also announced the trucks participating in their program for 2016, you can get the short write up from Bostinno. Some trucks will be trying the Greenway for the first time, and there are a couple of new additions listed. Quebrada will be doing baked goods, they already have 3 bakeries in suburban Boston. Walden Meat Company will also be on the Greenway. They may not be starting on April 1st, and I’ve not seen truck inspections from Boston for them either. A welcome addition will be Gogi on the Block, a new truck in 2015, that got rave reviews, but rarely ventured into Boston.



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