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Truck Schedules and Maybe One New Truck (finally)
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Revelry BostonRequests by me to city hall to get the latest food truck schedule updates have been fruitless. I’m trying to cobble together an alternative means of getting you the best info there is in and around Boston.

There are 2 new trucks listed with recent inspections from the city of Boston. One is called Sa Pa and mayyyybe it’s affiliated with the restaurant of the same name. Efforts to contact have not been successfu. Looking more definitive is Revelry Boston, bringing Nawlins food to the street scene. Their inspection came through today, they are on Twitter  and have a website that does showcase their menu. The chef came to Boston after Katrina, and noticed the lack of cajun food up here. Let’s hope they test the streets here soon, before the weather fights against us.


2 thoughts on “Truck Schedules and Maybe One New Truck (finally)

  1. The Sa Pa Vietnamese Kitchen seems to be at Trinity on Tuesdays. I have had their food twice now and would certainly recommend it.

    1. Thanks Alex, though the city’s website makes no mention of it. Given that I can’t get a schedule from them, maybe they can’t update their own site either? Their Twitter feed has all sorts of pictures and no mention where to find them. Social media #fail

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