Best Food Trucks in Boston
The Real Top Food Trucks in Boston
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Most of the time, when I see a publication put out a top food trucks list for Boston, my eyes start rolling. I know, either from the list itself or just the broad, general language that we are not talking about a thoughtful, well researched piece. I finally have decided to put up or shut up and come up with my dozen food trucks in the Boston area that I think are the best. I’m not ranking them and if I did this tomorrow it could change, but I think this is a pretty solid list.

BoneTown Burgers
 Mei Mei Boston
 M&M Ribs
 Munch Mobile
 Posto Mobile
 Roxy’s Grilled Cheese
 Stoked Pizza
 Tenoch Mexican
 The Bacon Truck
 The Dining Car

No one new this year has made the list, though Northeast of the Border is the strongest one in my opinion, and I haven’t tried Heritage yet. Bonetown (the former Bonedaddy’s) is on for making the strongest burgers in the city – creative and consistent. They might have made the list just for having one called Die Munster Die. Having a restaurant has not taken anything away from Mei Mei. The Double Awesome remains one of the quintessential culinary contributions to street food this city has seen. BBQ trucks have come and gone, but M&M Ribs was here before food trucks have taken off and outlasted others who have tried bbq here. It’s down home, it’s good. Munch Mobile does a pretty elevated menu and they do it well. Top to bottom, one of the more eclectic and interesting menus on the street.

Pennypackers Turkey

Pennypackers Turkey

The same could be said of Pennypackers. Best known for their Food Truck Throwdown winning Porchetta sandwich, this truck also elevates the menu. Posto Mobile and Stoked Pizza both use their wood burning stoves to bring some of the best pizza you will find in Boston. Like Mei Mei, Roxy’s Grilled Cheese keeps their truck game strong with the belly bustin’ Mighty Rib, the Greeen Muenster and those rosemary truffle fries.

Stoked Pizza

Stoked Pizza

Sheherazad might be the newest truck on this list. Here’s a case where an early impression was just ok, and they have really upped their game. Iraqi Red Chicken is a great plate of food. Tenoch Mexican stands out among several trucks offering Mexican. Beautiful tortas and I still wax fondly on a chicken enchilada with mole sauce special. Big swoon. The Bacon Truck… ummm bacon? I eat the Hangover even without one and they throw out some fun specials too. The Dining Car flies under the radar and it shouldn’t. Whether it’s lamb or Mama’s Meatballs or hold me…. crispy cauliflower, they belong on this list.

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4 thoughts on “The Real Top Food Trucks in Boston

    1. Hi Janice – I think they would have made it but for having significantly scaled back their menu. Still the best tuna melt I’ve had. I think the batter needs something more for the fried items, it’s bland.

    1. Hi Andrea – I like them also, but I think they are more along the lines of putting out a decent meal at a good price. I wouldn’t call it the best food Boston has out on the streets. If it was a length of line contest, they’s be in 🙂 .

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