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SoWa, New England Open Market Lineups, Mo’Rockin Review
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Mo'rockin Fusion

Mo’rockin Fusion

Well this Sunday is opening day for both the SoWa Market and the almost next door New England Open Market. Between the two, there are over 30 trucks. SoWa will feature – The Roving Lunchbox   Daddy’s Bonetown Burgers   Chili Mango & Lime   Bon Me   Heritage Food Truck   Pennypackers   Chubby Chickpea Mobile   Compliments Food Co   Moyzilla   Roxy’s Grilled Cheese Momogoose   The Dining Car   Mei Mei Street Kitchen  The Coffee Trike   Clover Food Lab   The Cookie Monstah   Dragon Roll Grill for a total of 17 trucks.

Over at New England Open Market at the Inkblock, you’ll get 15 more trucks- Blazing Salads   Bon Me    Chicken and Rice Guys    Chik Chak Food Truck Curbside Caps   Frozen Hoagies   Jamaica Mi Hungry   Momogoose   Moyzilla   Papi’s Stuffed Sopapillas   Roxy’s Grilled Cheese   Stoked Wood Fired Pizza Co.   Tea Station   The Bacon Truck   The Dining Car.

I bolded the trucks that are in both places. It will be interesting to watch how this plays out overall and for the trucks in particular. Food trucks doing both spots are actually paying more to do so, even with the lower fees, because they are paying both and staffing two trucks. I’ll be curious to see how the facilities are for customers.
So I had a chance to try one of the new food trucks on the Boston streets, Mo’Rockin. I went for the chicken shawarma sandwich, which is pictured here in the post. Bad for them, they were parked at the Chinatown Trade Building, which is generally, not a good spot. The whole time I was there, no one else came to the truck, during lunch time. Service was good, though slow and he threw in fries with the sammie. The chicken was cooked well, moist and tender, but I would amp up the seasoning. For me, I was expecting more from a Moroccan influence, the chicken options were the shawarma and a cajun style.



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