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Opening Day 2017 – food truck edition
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The two signs of Spring are in alignment this year, with both the Red Sox kicking things off at Fenway and Boston food trucks slinging out breakfast, lunch and dinner from the Greenway to the Back Bay. As always, there are some new trucks to look for, and some trucks that are no longer in business or, when you look at the city of Boston schedule, not participating in the city’s program. All in all, the number of trucks in the city’s program has decreased from 59 to 54, comparing April 2016 to April 2017.

Check out the complete schedule here..

The new trucks on the city’s schedule are : Amigos Locos, Bibim Box, Clyde’s Cupcakes, Kebabish, Pomaire Chilean Grill, Revelry, Roadies Diner, Sa Pa, Sach Ko, Spicy Salaa. Some of these have been around in and around the area, this is just looking at what trucks were not on the schedule a year ago. Links when I could find them, Twitter links got top preference. Not having a Twitter presence or in some cases, not finding anything on social media is an early red flag.

There is a lot of homework to do before you hit the road. I remember Jonathan Moy of Moyzilla telling me he used to stand outside trucks and time how long it took to turn around a ticket. That type of dedication is why he has been so successful, adding a second truck. Congrats also to The Dining Car and Compliments on adding second trucks. On the topic of congrats, add Roxy’s Grilled Cheese, the Chicken & Rice Guys and Stoked for brick and mortar successes in the past year. And I think winter was kinder with numerous pop ups and brewery opportunities.

There are 15 trucks no longer on the Boston schedule from a year ago. Most of them are no longer operating, some have chosen not to be in the Boston program. These are Blazing Salads, Boston Burger Co, Boston Dumplings, Chili Mango & Lime, Clover, Dragon Roll, Fresh Food Generation, Heritage, Kim Kim, Makin Jamaican, Morning Salute, Slide By, Saigon Alley, Walloon’s and Yumm Bai. Clover of course is still very much around, just not on the city’s program. Boston Burger Co, Fresh Food Generation and Morning Salute can be found on the Greenway and outside Boston. Chili Mango & Lime now runs a restaurant in Weymouth. Makin Jamaican is still tweeting about some appearances around town, but again, not in Boston’s program. Walloon’s may still have a restaurant under new management in Peabody, no sign of their truck. But is looks like about 10 trucks off the road, 5 not participating in the city’s program, accounting for the fewer than last year.

I’ll be out and around Monday, trying some new food and seeing old friends. If you’re going to be out, send me a note on Twitter, @StevenL57 . Find some pics and probably some video (live!) on Instagram, also @StevenL57 . Best of luck to all the food trucks, those that have given us some wonderful eats over the past 6 years and those new to the streets.


4 thoughts on “Opening Day 2017 – food truck edition

  1. Fresh Food Generation is on the Greenway two days a week this year. Greenway spots aren’t on the City of Boston schedule

    1. Hi Elena- I agree on both parts but unfortunately, I think they’ve left the scene. Last thing I saw posted was in November that they were on indefinite hiatus. I may have see the truck up for sale on craigslist at some point, too.

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