Boston Food Truck Reviews, Poll Results
New Reviews, Poll Results
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Taking 40 responses with a grain of salt, there was some negative impact from the Chicken & Rice Guys E-Coli news. A quarter of the respondents said they would still eat at food trucks, but probably not CNRG, another 5% said they would eat less from food trucks. The remainder indicated no change. While this seems to have minimal impact on trucks as a whole, the Chicken & Rice Guys have work to do to regain some trust.

I got a chance to try two food trucks I hadn’t been to before. Morning Salute has been in Boston since late last year, starting as breakfast only. They’ve now expanding their menu to include lunch, which they do now on the Greenway. They financially support the New England Center and Home for Veterans, and partner with them to employ vets. I love me some breakfast sandwich and went with the Luey – egg whites, onion, red pepper and cheese on a Portuguese roll. This sandwich had some heft to it, I ordered one at lunch time and that will hold you down. My only complaint on the sandwich would be to season the eggs more. They get their own roasted coffee beans for hot and iced brews. I got an iced coffee, which was very good,. Unfortunately they use the same paper cups for iced as hot coffee. If you’re someone that nurses your coffee along, that doesn’t work well.

Next up, I found Spicy Salaa over on Boylston and Washington Street. I’m thinking they didn’t do their homework, that is generally not a strong lunch spot. They are bringing Indian food out to the streets. I’m always interested when the work “spicy” is used. Last month, I reviewed a dish that was called spicy, but lacked punch from BiBim Box. The Rascalaa Bowl with a vegetarian curry, definitely packed the punch. Grab a spoon because you’ll want to drop your curry on top of the considerable rice you get. There was some naan bread for dipping and a couple small samosas to top off the meal. Nice work, I’ll find them again.








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