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Here Come the Lines – The Return of CnR Guys
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If you’ve been craving white sauce, look no further. While the restaurants have been open a while, just this week, the Chicken and Rice Guys trucks have made their way back on the streets. Coming off a disastrous situation with poor sanitation, it looks like CnR has taken seriously the need to re-establish themselves and gain back the confidence of customers.

In doing so, they’ve added a new, state of the art system to manage truck sanitation, one that could serve as a game changer for food trucks. I was contacted by a company called Vital Vio. They have developed a produce called Vio Safe, which is an antibacterial light that illuminates and disinfects at the same time. It had been used in mostly in health care. As CnR looked to get back on the road, they also sought out ways to insure that they could be trusted again, and that led them to working with Vital Vio as the first food trucks to use this technology. These are installed as overhead lights in the food prep and storage areas.

It is certainly an innovative approach and one that could be of significant benefits to food trucks everywhere. What do you think?

Does using VioSafe™ on their food trucks make you more confident to eat at the Chicken & Rice Guys ?

Article from Vital Vio

Article from Chicken & Rice Guys

Update: According to CnR Guys owner, Ian So, the state investigation has not been completed yet. He added, no eColi was found in their food or samples taken from employees.


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