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Get Stoked… in Brookline. Winter & Permanent Shut Downs, New Truck?
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Stoked PizzaAs everyone found out at pretty much the same time last week, Stoked Pizza is going to open a brick and mortar home in Brookline, exact location TBA. They’re looking for a late winter, early Spring 2016 opening. As many other truck owners have learned, the best laid plans, etc, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed. Congrats to a great crew, making phenomenal pies.

It’s been nice to take advantage of the mild Fall and still get out to some trucks, but as you know, this is the time of year some people get off the road. And sadly, some pull off altogether. Taco Party is in for the winter, though you can still hit them up in Somerville at their B&M. Mei Mei will shut the truck down for the winter after Christmas. Three trucks that won’t be back and are up for sale are The Farmstand, Taste of Anatolia and Pasta Pot.

One rumored new truck is from some folks looking to open up Tom’s BaoBao. According to a job posting, they are seeking to initially open 2 restaurants and a truck in the Spring. The main location is said to be the Harvard Square Crimson Galleria. In addition, they have a chef blog, talking about their journey to China to perfect bao creation. No Twitter presence yet, but they do have a Facebook page.


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