Food Trucks Giving Back
Food trucks giving back
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HubFoodTrucksI’m always interested in reading about ways in which food trucks get involved in community action. You might remember after Hurricane Sandy, how many trucks became a great resource for getting food to people who were severely damaged by the storm. Locally, you will see occasions where Boston area food trucks get involved in community efforts. I’d particularly highlight the Chicken & Rice Guys as a great example of a truck and company that consistently offers help to blood drives, a women’s lunch program and more.

Then I read this article on Huffington Post about a food truck that serves free food to homeless people in LA. It made me think about Boston and how our trucks could do something similar. It’s well known by now that dinner shifts in Boston, rarely if ever work. Could food trucks team up with any of the local agencies that work to rescue food and provide food for the hungry and homeless, deliver dinner time meals at shelters or other sites where it would do good? Wouldn’t it be great to see a food truck work with Project Bread, the Greater Boston Food Bank or Community Servings (to name a few) and feed folks that need it most?

And to add to the incentive (if one is needed) let the city’s Office of Food Initiatives give credit to trucks that are involved in community service by having priority in lotteries. What do you think, comment below or email me.

Update: I heard from Steven Collicelli, Marketing Manager for the Chicken and Rice Guys about some of their work. They are donating all excess from the restaurant, catering and pop-ups to the Boston Rescue Mission’s Kingston House. That will be about 3 tons of food this year. That happens out of their Bedford St restaurant. They are looking for someone to do a pickup at their Somerville commissary where the trucks work out of. If you know of anyone or better yet, are someone, use the link above to email me.



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