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Food Truck Catch Up
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HubFoodTrucksOK, so I felt I have to write something, at a time when there is precious little to write about. And to be honest, the little to write about, has certainly affected my keeping this flame going. So I do promise you, I’ll get the schedule updated. If you remember, I was lamenting the fact that this was the first year in Boston, that there were fewer trucks participating in the program than the previous year. And to add to that point about saturation, the only “new” truck that has been through a Boston inspection is Cape Cod’s Shuck Truck. They’ve done SoWa and the Boston Seafood Festival and may jump into the streets too. In stark difference to year’s past, there have been no other new trucks in Boston. I used the word saturation, but it is as much a combination of the city not doing anything to revitalize the scene and food trucks not caring because they have found other vending opportunities outside of Boston.

I did attend the Cape Cod Food Truck Fest a couple weekends back, but it was dominated more by Boston trucks, than years past. I’m always happy to see and eat from I Gotta Q, out of Rhode Island. Excellent, excellent bbq and the biggest lines. Cape Cod was represented by the Shuck Truck and Salt Block out of Harwich. I also had a chance to try Anzio’s Brick Oven Pizza out of Grafton. They won the Mobile Cuisine voting for best pizza this year. I enjoyed their plain cheese slice, just the right chew on their crust, tiny kick to the sauce. But I would still go with Stoked (who was there) or Posto as better pies.

And I am hoping to go to the New York Vendy Awards, the weekend after next. It’ll be hard to say no if I do get media credentials. That said, I’m also moving the beginning of October and I’m sure you know what fun packing is.

So where are we? Damned if I know, it makes me sad to see the city’s program diminish. I understand there may be some structural changes inside City Hall, we shall see. In the meantime, post your thoughts and comments as to what you like or don’t like about the food truck scene in the Boston area. Anything goes, share your thoughts below!


4 thoughts on “Food Truck Catch Up

  1. Do you know what’s going on with Sheherazad and Dragon Roll? Neither truck has been in their downtown spots for about a month now.

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