Chicken & Rice Guys Update, Quebrada, Revelry, Roadies Diner, Sach Ko
Chicken & Rice Guys Update, Quebrada, Revelry, Roadies Diner, Sach Ko
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All operations of the Chicken & Rice Guys remain shut down as the investigation continues as to the source of the E-coli outbreak apparently traced to their Allston store and food trucks. Media reports as many as 14 illnesses,most requiring some degree of hospitalization. All locations were inspected by the city’s Inspection Services Department, with the Allston location having numerous violations. You can see the report results here on the ISD website. All CNRG employees are also being tested to see if this could have been transmitted through them to the food. At this time, it is unknown whether direct fault is with CNRG or from a supplier. Regardless, the significantly poor inspection of a pretty new location in Allston calls for the need of action to insure that none of their facilities ever fall to this level. The best place to get updates from them has been their Facebook page.

CNRG has been one of the best companies as far as getting involved in numerous fundraisers and support for good causes. That said, they owe consumers a full and detailed plan as to how this will be avoided in the future. Obviously now, every place they prepare food is being thoroughly cleaned. How they plan on maintaining that is going to be crucial, going forward.

Quebrada food truckGetting back to better topics, let’s talk about a few food visits I made this week. If you are around Dewey Square in the morning, I always enjoy a pastry from Quebrada Baking Company. This cinnamon bun was very moist, not crazy sweet and a great start to the day. Lots of pastry options from this truck. It was also nice to see The Coffee Trike back in Dewey Square, I’ll have to get my caffeine fix over there next time.



Up at City Hall Plaza, There were 2 trucks I haven’t tried before. One was Roadies Diner, who has been in the Boston area a few months and I had heard good things about. Under the guise of go big or go home, I went for their shrimp platter. A lot of good things happening on this plate, though I wish I had used some of the sauce to kick up the flavor on the rice and beans. The shrimp werfe done perfectly, great flavor and a little squeeze of the lime slice included was nice. I’m looking forward to having more of their food. Here’s the platter and their menu.







I also saw Amigos Locos their and snapped a picture of their menu. Have we maxed out on tacos yet in Boston?

A late in the lunch shift catch found Revelry over at Belvidere. Unlike tacos and burritos, having a New Orleans style menu got my attention. Revelry has also been out on the scene for a few months now. They had a strong lunch service on that beautiful Tuesday we had, so they were out of some menu items. I did have a plate of their jambalaya, with chicken, shrimp and andouille sausage. The flavors were really good, especially on the proteins. Perhaps from being late in the shift, the rice was kind of a hot mess, on the mushy side. My plate below looks a lot different from the menu picture on their website. Before you say anything about menu pictures, I know, I know, but this seemed a significant difference. That said, I do want to repeat the flavors were pretty strong and I took their recommendation to add a little hot sauce.

Revelry Jambalaya

I made a stop, but not an order at Sach Ko, a North Shore truck that has added Boston to its travels. Like BiBim Box, they seem to take the same ordering set up as Bon Me does. Nothing wrong with that, I think it gives customers a clear idea what they need to do when they get to the window, and saves time. Here’s their menu.


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