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Chicken & Rice Guys Temporarily Suspended
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The Boston Globe reported today that all restaurants and trucks of the Chicken & Rice Guys, have been shut down, due to an e-coli outbreak. In a statement on Facebook, CnRG posted the following:

Dear our loyal customers, it has been recently brought to our attention that some of our patrons have not been feeling well after visiting some of our food trucks. Currently, we have not figured out the cause and have decided to voluntarily shutdown affected operations. It is always CNRG’s goal to provide the best service and products to our fans and we will not do that until we can.

-CNR Team

Recent inspections of the Allston restaurant, which is said to supply the trucks, show nothing unusual. In reviewing all inspections, the city no longer shows inspections prior to 2016. A few years ago, CnRG had a truck suspended from vending because of inspection failures.

CnRG does a significant amount of community work, so I hope they are able to remedy this as soon as possible.


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