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City of Boston & Greenway Food Truck Schedules
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Rather than scrambling every month to put a list together of both schedules, you now have links to the respective sites. As they are much improved from when I started, let’s try this for a while as your resource.

City of Boston schedule

Greenway Food Truck Schedule


13 thoughts on “City of Boston & Greenway Food Truck Schedules

  1. Looking to host a food truck night in Brookline for Newbury College as a fundraising event. Would any trucks be interested in attending?

    1. Hi Cassandra – if you give me some more information about the event, dates, times and cost if any, I can see if anyone I know is interested. Glad to help. Email me steve at

  2. Hi, we are planning to hold a Food Truck festival / fundraiser for our high school, Pope John XXIII located at 888 Broadway Everett MA in the upcoming weekends.

    We are located on a very busy street just 4 miles out of Boston with 2 parking lots (off street) and visibility from the street.

    Please let us know if you may have any interest in participating and we can discuss details.

    Looking forward to your reply(s)


  3. Is there anywhere I can find a schedule for the Boston Commons/Park St food trucks? It is conspicuously absent from the city of Boston website and seems to be a combination of Bon Me and Blazing Salads on various days.

  4. Thanks for doing all the research to say what food trucks

    Your schedule for 125/150 CPD, Cambridge is below.

    On Monday we had the Chicken/Rice guys (Vecna parking lot) and Gogi on the block. Jamaica Mi Hungry was nowhere to be found. I don’t think I have ever seen them here. Did they say they were going to be here?

    Thanks, Bob

    Baja Taco Truck 125 Cambridgeside Park Wednessday Lunch
    Tenoch Mexican 125/150 Cambridgepark Dr Friday Lunch
    Northeast of the Border 125/150 Cambridgepark Dr Thursday Lunch
    Jamaica Mi Hungry 125/150 Cambridgepark Dr Monday Lunch
    Indulge India 125/150 Cambridgepark Dr Friday Lunch
    Gogi on the Block 125/150 Cambridgepark Dr Monday Lunch
    Dragon Roll 125/150 Cambridgepark Dr Tuesday Lunch
    Compliments 125/150 Cambridgepark Dr Wednesday Lunch
    Boston Burger Co 125/150 Cambridgepark Dr Thursday Lunch
    Baja Taco Truck 125/150 Cambridgepark Dr Wednesday Lunch

  5. Hi, we will be visiting Boston by the end of June. I am so glad to have found this site. Is there any chance to find a listing for June yet, or does one have to link back next month to see who is where…

    Thanks, Handem

    1. Hi Handem – I’m waiting to get an updated posting for June from the city. That said, the site also has Twitter feeds for all the trucks that have Twitter and post, so you can always get up to date information there. Enjoy your visit!

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