BiBim Box Review, Anti-Climatic Opening Day
BiBim Box Review, Anti-Climatic Opening Day
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Well the Red Sox did a lot better on Opening Day Monday than the food trucks did. To be specific, numerous trucks no showed on Monday at city sites. I was looking forward to trying some trucks I hadn’t tried or were brand new. So how did things look at Stuart St?

And the same was true at BPL and Belvidere, not a single truck when I went by. According to a tweet, Big Daddy’s did show up at Belvidere at some point, must have been past the last time I looked after 11:30. Trucks not showing up and not having a presence on Twitter is just amateur hour. I continued on to Northeastern where I found a new truck, BiBim Box and ordered up a special of the day, spicy chicken curry.









So a couple of notes here. BiBim struck me very much like a Korean-oriented Bon Me (who was also at Northeastern). Pick between rice/salad/noodles, pick a protein, add extras if you want. Basic pricing was $7.50, with the BiBimBap going for $8.50. The chicken curry was flavorful, though I wouldn’t call it spicy. I expect a certain heat level anyway with a curry, I wanted more, but found it lacking. Average portion size, I would call it. I’d try more of their food.

Head down to the Greenway and you find all trucks were on hand in Dewey Sq, Congress and Rowes Wharf. Not really a surprise in that all the trucks in that program have street experience. Dewey Square was a pretty busy place.

I made it over to Congress St and enjoyed the bbq seitan taco from Taco Party. That had much more heat to it than my curry. I’ve always said, even as a proud carnivore, Taco Party’s food is just damn good. Feel the green there with Gogi and Taco Party side by side.!

Less busy, at least by the time I made my way through, was Rowes Wharf. Welcome to Fresh Food Generation for their Greenway debut, I’m looking forward to trying their food soon. They had the biggest line while I was there.

April is still a tough month, so thanks to those that are making it out. To those skipping shifts, get your act together and communicate. If you don’t get that communication with your customers through social media is a part of your business, you haven’t done your homework. A few years back, I had a chance to ask Chef Roy Choi about his success in L.A. with food trucks and he specifically said, Twitter was as important as any ingredient in the kitchen.

One addition on trucks no longer in the Boston program, M&M Ribs can be found Thursday-Saturday at corner of Southampton St and Theodore Glynn way in the DOT.

The Cambridge Redevelopment Authority has food trucks at 3rd & Binney in Cambridge for weekday lunches. I’ve added that on to the MIT schedule, since it’s in that neighborhood. Maybe I’ll have it on the big schedule too. The CRA has tweeted out trucks every day, big props for that and in stark contrast to @COBFoodTruck from the city, which has not been heard from since March 20th.

Until next meal…. happy eating!


2 thoughts on “BiBim Box Review, Anti-Climatic Opening Day

  1. I ate at Bibim box for the first time today (west end location) and LOVED my bibimbap with bulgoki chicken. It was just like in a real Korean restaurant.
    My husband had a Banh mi like sandwich with bulgoki pork and thought it was just as good as Bon Me. I will definitely go there every Wednesday.

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