New Boston Food Truck Season
April 2016 Boston Food Truck Schedule Live
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chilimangolimeWelcome to the new food truck season, even if the weather is not going to cooperate with the first few days of the new season. I’ll be adding more locations as I hear about them, especially outside of Boston proper. Remember, you can check Harvard Science Center and MIT on the other pages. Boston and beyond is now posted.

Two new trucks have passed a city inspection. Barracuda on the Fly is affiliated with Barracuda Tavern in Boston and from their website, looks mainly like they’re doing catering gigs. Another new truck is Sparkle BBQ, that is looking to head out on to the road and still has a GoFundMe page. One that is not out is Walden Meat Co., advertised as a new vendor by the Greenway, but absent on their schedule (Update: Walden is scheduled to be at the North End vending site, which won’t open up until around Memorial Day). The Greenway will open up Milk St and the Carousel sites in mid-May. And again this year, once the Dewey Square Farmers Market returns in May, there will be fewer trucks on those days than listed currently.

And just as I was missing any breakfast trucks in Boston, a new truck (not yet inspected) says they will hit the streets starting April 9th and doing breakfast in Boston. Check out Morning Salute, a “Veteran Powered Start Up”. ,


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